2020 Update

Well…where to start. It has been about a year since I have written anything here or even logged into the website. Normally I owuld try to keep these just professional, but I think it may be good form time to time to write to show that there is a person behind the keyboard, and mental health is a factor in these trying times. I am not a company or a group of people, I am a freelancer and a sole trader, so it is just me.

I would say ‘unprecidented’, but I have grown to loath the word.

So, what shows have I done this year?

Well during January and February I was lucky enough to be back out on the road with ‘Simon and Garfunkel Through The Years’ as lighting engineer, sometimes driver and general thing-doer.


Always a pleasure to tour with these guys, and I had my first ever trip to Ireland.

After that, there was a little break before some more work was due to come in in April. I think you can see how this turned out….

Once the lockdown happened then everybody’s work in the events industry disappeared overnight.

To keep myself occupied I decided to try and keep my programming skills up to scratch with the GrandMA2, so I put together a virtual rig, and started programming some virtual lightshows with a couple of rigs that I have had in my head for a few years. There are not built to a budget, but there are of a scale that I hope to work at one day.

You can check them out on my channel here:

That is one of my main things recently is wondering if I will ever get to that point. I have been a freelance lighting engineer since 2011, and I have not managed to gte my foot in the door to those scale of shows. With how the pandemic is panning out, I’m starting to doubt whether I ever will. That self doubt starts to eat away at my confidence in my abilities, which makes me panic at the thought of work coming in and whether I can do it, which stops me trying to throw myself out there.
The ability is there, and I know that I can do the job and do it well; it’s just convincing myself that I can, and getting others to give me a chance to show that I can.

To make ends meet I ended up getting temp work during the first lockdown with a large online store/distribution company. Temporary being the operative word. Currently I have been there eight months and counting. The first lockdown turned into continuing work, then into the Christmas Peak/second lockdown, and it may be continuing longer if people can’t seem to stay at home or wear a mask properly.

I also attended a couple of events as a part of #wemakeevents to try and bring attention to how much the events industry has been devistated by the pandemic, and I am shocked at how much we have had to fight to get the support we have, and even then, it is not enough.

The events supply chain is collapsing, businesses are closing, and freelancers are either having to leave the industry to find other work, or are facing financial ruin.

I guess one way to close this is to try and help however you can to keep the industry alive, and leave you with a video of what we do.

Apologies if this was a little more of a personal blog post for my freelance site, but sometimes you have to show to people that you are only human, and it is okay not to feel okay, especially at times like this.

Here’s hoping for 2021. Good luck everybody.

Alec Morris
Anthrolight Productions

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