Personal statement

I have always been interested in concert lighting because it combines so many of my hobbies and interests within one industry. I have always been a keen listener of music, and I enjoy being creative. Lighting particularly fascinated me because it is so intangible, but it can be used to create atmosphere, and reflect what is being portrayed in the music, and sometimes even enhance it. An image can depict the tone or emotion of a piece of music, but it cannot be changed. Lighting, however, can change to reflect the changing tones and atmosphere of the music.

I originally started doing lighting for the theatre, so I have an appreciation of both ensuring that the performers are seen on stage, but I also have an appreciation for setting the appropriate look to create and enhance the required atmosphere. I decided to follow the route of live music rather than theatre because I felt that theatre was too restrictive for what I wanted to do. I wanted more of a challenge, and to be more creative. I do, however, try to bring more theatre into my concert light shows because I feel that using ideas that I have learnt from the theatre can greatly enhance the performance as a whole by bringing the whole performance together, both sonically and visually.

KR STudiostead

All through college I started doing lighting with rather minimal equipment, so I learned how to accomplish effects with whatever I had to use. While moving up into university, and working with larger scale productions and concerts, I expanded on these effects, although I do still find that some of the smaller, subtler effects have just as much impact as the larger spectacles.

After working on small to medium scale concerts, I still feel the draw from being creative in such a unique way, but I have found that I have come to enjoy some other aspects, such as the tension and buzz from the crowd as the house lights go down. I also like that I am able to play an active part in the performance while not having to be up on the stage.

My ideal aim is to be working as a lighting technician, and eventually a lighting designer for large scale concert tours. This is because I would like to eventually work up to the scale of concerts that first inspired me to get involved within the lighting industry. I am always eager to learn new skills, and not afraid of hard work. I personally take the view of that you never really stop learning. I am happy to do what it takes to help me further my career in the lighting industry, and I look forward to meeting all the people who I will meet along the way.

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