Heading out on tour with Arena as lighting and video operator

Hi all.

Just finished making the final tweaks to video content, cues, and lighting programming for the upcoming Double Vision Tour with Arena.

Check out www.arenaband.co.uk for more info and @arenaverglas on Twitter for updates and pictures.

Wednesday 3rd AprilAcademy 3, Manchester, England
Thursday 4th AprilRobin 2, Bilston, England
Friday 5th AprilWaterfront Studio, Norwich, England
Saturday 6th AprilULU, London, England
Tuesday 9th AprilZ7, Pratteln, Switzerland
Wednesday 10th AprilBackstage, Munich, Germany
Thursday 11th AprilDas Rind, Rüsselsheim, Germany
Friday 12th AprilZeche Carl, Essen, Germany
Saturday 13th AprilBoerderij, Zoetermeer, Netherlands
Sunday 14th AprilNeuberinhaus, Reichenbach, Germany

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