Back up and running for 2022

Well it seems that things are starting to take off again.

2021 was a little bit of a false start. After spending all of lockdown working for Amazon, and then a few months for HP/DHL, I was suddenly swamped with work all at once from August until November. Festivals, corporate events, a dance show, and even a small UK tour with the artist ‘Fish’ as both Resolume tech and LD for the final show.

After that tour, a couple of events in December, and then everything was cancelled again. Lost two tours due to uncertainty and other potential Brexit related issues.

Nothing came up for months, and now suddenly things seem to be starting to come in again. It has taken quite a while, and everything is still very uncertain as work is coming in at short notice, but here’s hoping that 2022 could turn into a very productive and successful year, and potentially some tours in the pipeline for 2023.

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