28th Feb 2019: Website updates and new projects

It has taken quite a while, but I have finally filled out the website a little more.

2018 was my busiest year so far with a mixture of corporate work, Edinburgh Fringe, a few tours. Who knows what this year may hold.

A few new shows in the pipeline this year, including a new tour with Arena as lighting designer and video tech; promoting the Double Vision album.
Jagged Little Pill is going out on the road again in June ahead of their run on Edinburgh Fringe, and potentially some big projects coming up in the summer.

Currently the next shows up are the last performance of The Visitor with Arena as they headline the Classic Rock Society Awards, followed later in the month by a DVD shoot with a new project ‘The ELO Show’ in Holland.

Always looking to pick up more work, still some gaps in my schedule for this year. Please feel free to get in touch whether for theatre, music or corporate.

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