24th August 2018

Approaching the penultimate show of the almost entirely sold out run with ‘Simon and Garfunkle Through the Years’ at Edinburgh Fringe.

Future tours in the works in the next few months for them, check out their website to see where they are next: Simon and Garkunkle Through the Years

Busy few weeks ahead, and getting things back up to scratch with overhauling the website and getting that back up and running after transferring to a new provider.

In the mean time, the next project after this is the sold out performance of King’s Ransom by Clive Nolan at Cheltenham Playhouse Theatre as lighting designer.

This is a special performance as it is being done in memory of our late director Ian Baldwin, who sadly lost his fight with cancer at the start of this year. All proceeds will be going to the Sue Ryder Hospice in Cheltenham.

Check out King’s Ransom for more details.

Photo by Graham Stead at Studiostead Photograhy

KR STudiostead

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